Lost and FOUND!

Kola and his newest best bud, Ellianna Henry, share a little pooch smooch.

Kola and his newest best bud, Ellianna Henry, share a little pooch smooch.

This is an oldie, but definitely a feel-goody. The Henrys live in New Castle, PA with their 15-year-old shepherd and Labrador retriever mix, Kola, they had raised since puppyhood. One freezing morning in February, the Henrys discovered that Kola had never come back inside since the previous night. Frantic, Joe Henry immediately called the local Humane Society, but there were no dogs to be found that matched Kola’s description.

The same morning, a local woman, Jill Jones, was running errands when she saw what she assumed to be a snow covered deer while driving onto the highway. As she passed the animal, however, Jones noticed it was too small to be a deer. Jones then pulled her car off the road and realized it was a shivering, exhausted dog. Dismissing thoughts of whether the dog was friendly or not, she hauled the 50-pound dog off the frozen ground and placed him in the backseat of her car where he let out an audible sigh of relief.

Jones immediately brought the dog to her own vet. The vet quickly assessed that the dog was well cared for and agreed to keep him overnight while the staff posted photos of the dog on Facebook in search of his owners. Over the next few days, the staff nursed the dog back to health from being unable to stand by himself to wagging his tail and in good spirits.

Word reached the Humane Society over the next several days, at which point the Henrys were contacted. Upon arriving at the vet’s office, the dog immediately ran to Joe Henry – indeed, it was Kola they had found.

Kola was incredibly fortunate to encounter many amazing and good people in his rescue. Should you come upon a lost dog, don’t forget to help your fellow dog owners out – report the lost dog on Finding Rover and your local shelters, and bring the dog to the nearest animal rescue you can find. When I walk my own dog these days, I’m always equipped with three things: poop bags, an extra leash, and my Finding Rover app. You should consider doing the same – you never know whom you could help out on your walks!

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