Lost and FOUND!

Everyone loves a good story about someone who found their lost pet. Since we’re kind of at ground zero when it comes to lost and found stories, we’ll be posting regularly to spread the happiness.

This week, we have a lost and found story that isn’t your standard story – this one spans two countries and the effort of dozens to reunite Staff Sgt. Kevin Brady and the 7-month-old dog he met in Afghanistan. Bailey first started following Brady’s unit around when she was an 8-week old stray puppy and immediately bonded with Brady. Brady’s “battle buddy Bailey” provided much needed comfort to soldiers who were away from their families, but was ultimately left behind when the unit returned stateside. 


 Heartbroken, Brady contacted Guardians of Rescue and raised $5,000 to vaccinate, spay, and fly Bailey over to the United States. On July 2, Brady arrived to New York to pick her up at the John F. Kennedy International Airport where upon seeing each other again – you guessed it – the equivalent of doggy fireworks happened. Check out the video of their reunion (now is the time to grab those tissues):

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