Pawsitive Impact: Traer Scott's Heartwrenching Photos of Street & Shelter Dogs

Every week we'll be bringing you inspiring stories of individuals and dogs who are enacting change and positive impact for the welfare of dogs and dog rescue. We are so heartened by these individuals and hope their work will inspire you as much as they have us!


Need a good dose of awareness, art and cute overload on your coffee table? Pick up photographer Traer Scott's books Shelter Dogs and Street Dogs. Scott traveled across the United States and to Mexico and Puerto Rico to capture these remarkably expressive photographs (many times portraits) of dogs on the street and in shelters. Now before you start reaching for the tissues, know that the photographs in both her books are accompanied by poignant stories about the subjects – many of them with heartening, beautiful endings.

Take the mama dog in the photo above: Scott and her team found her in a parking lot being chased away by a territorial pack while trying to scavenge scraps for her pups. Eventually, they followed her back to an auto shop where they arranged for the puppies to be rescued. The momma dog was then spayed and adopted, and now lives with her new family in Canada.

Feel inspired by Scott's work? Share your own photos of under-appreciated dogs on the Finding Rover app and spread the awareness for both shelter and street dogs!

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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