Austin Animal Center leads Texas in reuniting lost dogs with owners

Austin Animal Center leads Texas in reuniting lost dogs with owners

Austin Animal Center is leading Texas in reuniting lost dogs with owners by using facial recognition for pets.

For weeks, Finding Rover and Austin Animal Center have be troubleshooting and perfecting this new integration.

As of December 4th, the people in and around Austin will be able to check the shelter for their lost dog and search adoptable dogs right from their phone or computer in real time! 

Finding Rover will enable the shelter to communicate with the public quickly and more direct. 

When a pet enters the Austin Animal Center system as a stray, he/she will also enter the Finding Rover system automatically- making that pet searchable to Finding Rover users.

Users can "follow" the Austin Animal Center 'Pack' right on their phone or computer. Austin Animal Center's adoptable pets will be showcased on Finding Rover in real time! 

This mobile app is just one more resource in our tool box that will make it easier for lost dogs to find their owners. We are thrilled that Finding Rover has chosen Austin as their launch city in Texas, and are pleased that this app will help reduce dogs entering the shelter in the first place.
— Chief Animal Services Officer, Abigail Smith

To officiate the integration and answer any questions, Finding Rover and Austin Animal Center will be hosting a launch party on Thursday, December 4th, at 3pm at the Austin Animal Center 7201 Levander Loop location. The first 200 attendees will receive goody bags, and Nulo pet food company will also be donating 5,000 pounds of dog food at this event. 

What is Finding Rover?

Finding Rover features a lost and found dog notification system that sends a push notification and social feed photo alert to users within a 10 mile radius. When a user spots a lost dog, he/she can take a photo either within the app, or upload a photo from a device’s photo album. When a dog has been found and identified through Finding Rover’s facial recognition software, the finder will receive information on how to notify the owner.

Key benefits of using Finding Rover include: 

  • Simple to register: Registration is easy through Facebook and email – all you need is a picture of your dog and a zip code.
  • Easy to use: Anyone with a mobile phone can take a photo of a lost dog, which will be instantly posted on Finding Rover.
  • Technologically advanced: Finding Rover spent two years with The University of Utah research and development (R&D) department creating its proprietary facial recognition technology. Finding Rover has the only technology that instantly recognizes a dog on the spot.
  • Social: Finding Rover unites dog owners based on common interests and provides a forum for users to read up on the latest dog news, share content and interact.
  • Free! Finding Rover is free to download.
A dog is a beloved family member and if he/she goes missing it can be devastating to everyone involved. We want to do everything we can to safeguard our dogs from being lost forever. Registering a dog on Finding Rover is another step all owners should take to further protect their cherished pet.
— John Polimeno, CEO and founder of Finding Rover

Austin Animal Center Press Release.

Finding Rover will soon integrate with San Antonio and Houston shelters. 

Finding Rover is currently available at and works on iOS devices, Android devices, and the Web.

To view an overview video, visit: YouTube-Finding Rover

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Face of Gray, Heart of Gold

Face of Gray, Heart of Gold

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

To celebrate, we're spotlighting Pete Thorne's captivating photography of senior dogs. Appropriately named "Old Faithful," his photo series promotes life-long loyalty and love for our four-legged best friends. 

Pete Thorne has been a freelance photographer for 10 years now, and was intrigued by the senior dogs in his life when he decided to start memorializing them through photos. 

I just think there is so much character to these old doggie’s faces. All the telltale signs point to a life lived and there’s a history behind those eyes, even if they are a little clouded over and aren’t working too well.
— Pete Thorne, 27 October 2014

View his entire gallery here:

Join the community and hear more about these old souls here:

Share your senior dog story with us here or right on Finding Rover's Cute Pics pack! 

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Halloween Costume Contest 2014 WINNER

Halloween Costume Contest 2014 WINNER

With wagging tails, we bring you the 2014 Halloween Contest WINNER!

Jen Harlib-Acosta's Thrasher rocking out! 

Jen Harlib-Acosta's Thrasher rocking out! 

We had a very tough decision to make with all of the scary-good submissions. With that said, here are the Honorable Mentions:

We hope you had a fun and safe Halloween this year! Start thinking of next year's winning costume! Too soon? Never.

There's another photo contest coming up, so keep your eyes peeled and sniffers sniffin'! 

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Halloween Costume Contest 2014

Halloween Costume Contest 2014

It's that time of year again! With wagging tails, we bring you our second annual Halloween Costume Contest! 

To enter, just post a picture of your dressed-up pooch on the Halloween Contest pack right on Finding Rover. 

You have a chance to win two Finding Rover T-shirts, and bask in the glory of your everlasting fame on Finding Rover! 

The Finding Rover team will pick the winning photo based on

  1. Amount of likes on your post
  2. Quality of photo
  3. Creativity of costume
  4. Contentment of your canine 
  5. BONUS: A scene to put your costume in context 

The 2014 Halloween Costume Contest starts October 21st and end at midnight on October 31st! Post your photo on Finding Rover now! 

Get inspired. Here are last year's Top 3!

Jonah's Tank the Fiesta Flamenco Dancer

Jonah's Tank the Fiesta Flamenco Dancer

Kimberly's Bubba the Hero Firefighter

Kimberly's Bubba the Hero Firefighter

Tammy's Bessie Lou the Candy Corn

Tammy's Bessie Lou the Candy Corn

And more...


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Top 12 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Top 12 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month! Although we celebrate adoption all year round, why not make this month extra special with a list of one dozen top reasons to adopt a dog (or two or three!) 

Top 12 Reasons to Adopt-A-Dog:

1. Save lives! Adopting one shelter pet can make room for another pet to be saved

2. End pet homelessness  

3. Save a lot of money

4. Most pets are fully vaccinated before leaving the shelter or rescue

(saving you vet costs)

5. Most pets are altered (spayed or neutered) before leaving the shelter or rescue

(saving you another vet visit)

6. Receive companionship and unconditional love

7. Be more active 

8. Gain a sense of responsibility 

9. Reap the benefits of your tax dollars

Most animal shelters are government agencies funded by the public

10. Most pets have experienced some sort of training

For example: simple commands, house/potty trained, leash trained, crate trained, or more

11. Most pets get microchipped before leaving the shelter or rescue

(saving your wallet from an additional hit)

12. More and more pets are becoming automatically pre-registered on Finding Rover!! 

Where can I adopt a dog?! 

  • - A visit to your local animal shelter is a great place to start. If you do a web search to find a shelter near you, and you're not having much luck, try other key words like "animal services," "animal control," or "animal care." These government agencies are the first responders when animal-welfare issues arise in your community. The majority of their funding comes from your tax dollars.
  • - Rescue organizations! These groups pull pets from the shelters in your area and care for them until a forever home is found. If your heart is set on a certain breed, there are NUMEROUS breed-specific rescues in most major cities. Rescues care for pets of all ages, so you know you can find a pet that will fit your lifestyle. 
  • - Right on Finding Rover, you can view adoptable dogs in your area from local shelters and rescues! See all the dogs listed in real time on the Finding Rover “Nearby” tab. If you want your shelter or rescue to show their adoptable dogs on Finding Rover please email It’s FREE!

Can't adopt? Consider fostering a pet! Rescue groups are often dependent on foster pet-parents to temporarily house homeless pets. Plus, it's FREE. In most cases, foster pet-parents are supported by the rescue's funds, so all you have to do is provide a safe, loving, nurturing home to a pet in need. 

Did you adopt your dog?! We want to hear your story! Post here or on the Finding Rover pack "Rescue Stories" 

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