Finding Rover is on a mission

Millions of dogs are lost every year; only a small percentage ever return home.

Our goal is to rescue every lost dog.

If you see a lost dog on the street, snap a photo and our new facial recognition technology will find the owner.

Download our app now to protect your best friend.

I found a dog, what do I do?

With Finding Rover, the process is simple. You take a photo and our facial recognition technology will search for a match. If you see the dog, call the owner or contact them through the app. Before long, the dog will be back home!

No more need to pack an unknown dog in your car and take it to a vet to see if it has a microchip.

I lost my dog, what do I do?

If you've already registered, simply report your dog as lost and we'll do a facial recognition search to find matches of dogs that have been found in your area.

If you haven't yet registered, upload a photo of your dog so we can do the search for matches. Soon, your dog will be back home again!

How can I help others?

If you ever see a dog that looks lost, snap a photo and do a search. You can also check out the Nearby section to see lost and found dogs in your area.

The more we are all on the lookout, the more dogs we can bring home!

Android coming soon! Email me

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